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« Interior Decoration in the Eastern Mediterranean, during Hellenistic and Roman Times »

Mosaics, Paintings, Iconography, Materials, Techniques and Conservation

22 – 25 May 2013

A NARNIA Project Training Course

at University of Paris Ouest Nanterre La Défense, Building B, « salle des colloques » (22 & 25 May)

at Maison Archéologie & Ethnologie, Floor 4 (23 & 24 May)



NARNIA is an interdisciplinary project, the main objective of which is to provide young researchers with the means to conduct research on ancient Eastern Mediterranean material culture and to develop their analytical skills through a series of research and training activities.

Building on the experience of the Cyprus Narnia Training Course Mosaics in the field, held in Nicosia during October 2012, the present workshop will develop further somes of the issues discussed there, the study of mosaics in the East and West of the Mediterranean area and analyses, techniques and materials used in mosaics dated from the Classical to the Roman period. It will also cover new aspects of mosaic decoration and deal, for the first time, with wall paintings. Through case studies and more synthetic presentations the workshop aims at presenting the most recent, cutting edge research in the field.

Organised by A.-M. Guimier-Sorbets, prof. Paris Ouest
Véronique Vassal, Virginie Fromageot-Lanièpce (ArScAn)

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Virginie Fromageot-Lanièpce

Ingénieur d'études - CNRS Equipe ArScAn-Archéologie du Monde grec et systèmes d'information UMR 7041 Archéologies et Sciences de l'Antiquité CNRS - Université de Paris I - Université de Paris Ouest - Ministère de la Culture Maison René Ginouvès, Nanterre

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