La MAE reçoit… Diego Salazar (Université du Chili)

« The Archaeological Study of Ancient Mining Environmental, Technological, Socioeconomic and Symbolic Determinants »

Jeudi 17 janvier, 14 h – 16 h

MAE, salle du conseil, 4e étage

The conference will present a synthesis of over 10 years of archaeological research into the organization of copper mining production during Inka times in the Atacama Region of Northern Chile (ca. 1450 – 1540 AD). Starting from the theoretical background and the analytical tools that have guided the research, we will discuss the main results and present a dynamic view of how the Inka administration of northern Chile took into account environmental, technological, socioeconomic and symbolic variables to organize a complex system of production and distribution of copper ores in one of the driest deserts on earth.

Le flyer

Carine Constans

Responsable de communication de la MAE

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